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Yeah. Right.

Physics tells us a very simple mechanism behind climate (well, temperature) variability and anthropogenic climate change. Looking just at global mean temperatures using a very simple energy balance model is pretty close. Add some heat buffers like oceans, model this with an AR(1) process (or three) and you get even closer (usually the influence of volcanic eruptions is overestimated though). What we currently observe is not like "tides", coming and going: while the temperatures rise the solar forcing is currently declining (summer insulation in the northern hemisphere has been decreasing for the last 5000 or 6000 years), and this is what drives ice ages and warm periods on longer time scales.

Is carbon capture and storage the right thing? Maybe at the source? It is one option. Avoiding to produce CO_2 emissions sounds easier. Can we adapt to changes instead? We might have to do that anyway, but not all countries have the resources to do so - or the possibilities (e.g. island nations). Will it be as bad as projected? Are you willing to take that bet? The only problem is that it is not that risky for us, we'll probably be dead before the worst things happen, but it is our children, grandchildren, and their offspring that will have to pay the price. Still willing to take the bet that the projections are wrong?

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