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Not so easy to make a quick getaway when it takes 3 hours to juice up your motor, eh Brits?

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Re: 30m quid on removing greenhouse gases?

Removing greenhouse gasses is a joke.

Like trying to hoover up the clouds because you dont want it to rain.

Or forcing everybody, man woman and child to stand outside during the winters night to try and warm up the local atmosphere so there wont be any snow in the morning and the roads will be clear.

In the future, when school kids are educated about our crazy silly ideas surrounding climate and how its not supposed to change, ever, they will be sitting there in class watching cartoons of us trying to push back the tide.

Today kids learn about the romans. I'm sure many Romans thought that the destruction of Pompeii was somehow their fault, angering the gods. Kids laugh at such ch sillyness as much as I laugh at a sandcastle facing down the oncoming tide. I wonder if sandcastles were able to walk talk like us etc, would they fund a project to extract seawater out of the ocean to reduce the destruction of the tide? Completely ignoring the presence of the moon, the sandcastles believe that the tide destroys them so much due to their "pollution" (whatever that may be, use your imagination), so the solution is to suck out the water and store it in tanks buried for all time.

Sandcastles that suggest that perhaps the moon is responsible for the tide and that the tide is a natural process that comes and goes and so is something they have to adapt to, like building themselves further up the beach, will be called tidal-deniers. These "tidal-deniers" become increasingly aware of the religious nature of "tidal change" and eventually stop fighting it due to the insane amounts of money (seashells) given to those who play along.

The ironic thing is the tidal-deniers end up realising that its the accusers who are in fact the tidal-deniers, as they deny the existence of a tide. However, there is too much money and religion involved so they just hope that it all works out and chuckle to themselves when they imagine kid sandcastles of the future, built higher up the beach, learning about the stupidity and telling mummy and daddy sandcastle about how they learned about the crazy people trying to stop the tide in the stupid ages.

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