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Equifax is going to make you work for that 125 bucks it owes each of you: Biz sneaks out Friday night rule change


So, in essence...

They don't even need to pay their earnings on a single quarter (2018 Q3 earnings over $800MM - just search for Equifax earnings Q3 2018 you lazy b--tard)? And not only that, but if I'm one of the affected, I would face an average cost of $1350 (according to CSID). For this, they feel it's "ok" to just pay out a measly $125? Never mind that the amount of the settlement doesn't equate that/

This still amazes me. If I had a small business that made $500'000 a year, and I committed such gross negligence, I would be out on the street and fined up the wazoo. Big Business simply slips through the cracks.

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