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Yeah, I've done C since the first implementations of it, then C++ through MFC 4.2 when I did MS stuff at all - when DevStudio hadn't been "Visual basiced up" and there was no .NOT to attempt to "enhance Java" without the lawsuits. Around the time templates and the STD library (isn't that a disease you get from sex partners of ill repute?) - I quit using the new "features" in my own code and while I still write some C++, I mostly write plain C and call that from a glue language where the glue is quicker to write, but still fast in production.

C++ "just grew" with patches on bandaids to the point of idiocy. Other languages do that high falutin stuff far better. Fine to write, but people complain about maintaining perl? Holy cow. As Damian Conway demo'd, you can write a Turing-complete implementation in the template system that compiles to no actual code, but runs a sort with output to sdtout while you wait!

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