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You must be thinking of "perl 6" which is going to get a new name, Bob. Perl is the most back-compatible language I've ever used in a very long programming career. GTK has been a bigger hassle going from 2 to 3.

The python libraries that make it easier for non adept programmers really just do all the hard work in C anyway - python just makes it easy for those sorts to use C without knowing C. Which, as you point out, can be done lots of ways. I use the Inline::LanguageOfChoice per modules on cpan for that kind of thing fairly often.

The best - and worst - things about python -

Whitespace and indentation - nasty syntax, but it makes copy-pasta fail, which can't be bad.

Duck typing which is just a little different from how every other Duck typing is done, making porting hard going either direction if code does anything where that matters. ( like all the bad device drivers for raspberry pies written in python)

Poorly designed enough for this to even be an issue. Guido should have thought ahead more.

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