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...and heavily relies on libraries to keep up appearances.

Methinks that's a little unfair.

There are four approaches.

1. Freeze the language. Never add new features or capabilities. Watch it die.

2. Keep the language itself stable, add new features via libraries. This is what Python does.

3. Add features to the language itself whenever you think of a new feature, making the language more complicated, less consistent, and harder to learn.

4. Do both of 3 and 4.

You can't always avoid language changes when implementing new features as not everything can be expressed through a library API, but keeping the language stable as much as possible strikes me as a Good Thing(TM). The changes from Python 2 to Python 3 were made largely with the aim of making the language more consistent and logical, and easier to learn and understand.

Keeping extensions in libraries rather than mucking about with the core language helps with the "easier to learn and understand" part.

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