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Posted AC so I don't look like too big of a tool

I didn't even know Python 2.7 was deprecated at all - I knew it wasn't getting new features (but you could import some stuff) and was made so code valid in 2.7 was valid in 3.x (eg (I feel old) classes and inheriting from object)

I recently started a new project which will come first on 2.7 with 3.x as an afterthought (as in "should be fine, but we're not yet even trying it really" you know support one day)

Are they *THAT* different at this point? I figured they'd use the same interpreter that'd just see "oh wait,argv[0] is "python2.7" ....?

Python is not my main language to work with (C/C++ is - evidently not python!) but what's stopping their unification? Is it impossible to translate old plugins to the new 3 API (if that even changed).

Sorry to be so uniformed, I come seeking knowledge!

*cough* Gil-less python 4 is gonna suck :/ *cough*

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