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But you don't have to reengineer the code if you just want to keep running it. They aren't going to secretly break all of python 2.7. They just won't update it. So it is a lot like an old operating system, as you can't get support or security updates for Windows 98.

For the comparisons to C, try taking C code from 1975 and compiling it and running it today. Likewise, see if you can get modern C to compile with the initial C compiler. In most cases, you'll be disappointed. However, a lot of it will work. And a lot of python 2 code can be picked up, without any changes, and run in python 3. If you have a sufficiently large codebase, it's likely that some changes will be needed, but you don't have to tear down and rewrite. Could they have done the changes differently? Sure, they could have. But it would not be significantly different, because things break. Languages change. They deprecate things in their standard libraries and introduce new ones. Python is not doing something that other languages have not done.

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