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Nate Amsden

freeze credit?

The day the Equifax news broke I froze my credit on the 3 credit companies. I sent messages to folks I knew advising them to do the same but I don't think anyone did. I've temporarily unfrozen my credit twice since then(which I believe is 2 years now). The temporary unfreeze is automatic, you set the day to unfreeze and the day to re-freeze. Perhaps I'm wrong but I think freezing credit is preferable than relying on a credit reporting service? (maybe better to do both I suppose) Though I don't see many articles suggesting this, which I find strange. Unless you are someone that regularly performs tasks that accesses this data. For me, once a year it feels like a safer thing and there is no monthly or annual fees (though there was a one time fee with one or two of the companies, I think those fees were eliminated as a result of this breach though).

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