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"this accident can be attributed to pilot/driver error rather than establish potential liability for the manufacturer."

I see it as both. The name of the system, "Autopilot", is misleading and it's good enough most of the time on a motorway. "Good Enough most of the time" is a big problem. The one time it isn't means bits of car all over the road. The autopilot on an aircraft switching out still leaves a pilot with some time to sort out what's going on if they didn't already know. In a car, there isn't that luxury of time. The driver of the car also has to understand the limitations of the system.

Just the other day there was video of a driver sleeping while his Tesla was driving along a freeway in Los Angeles. There was a person in the next lane recording them and they did wake up with a WTF/Where am I jump and look on their face.

Are people that like to have one too many going to be getting cars with all of this tech so they aren't weaving down the road and giving away they're completely S-faced?

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