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Re: Because most Tesla drivers are not pilots.

There's nothing wrong with the tech at this stage if it's used as a driving aid,

The problem is the number of reports of people having to fight the car eg over "lane departure" systems, times (rare it seems, thankfully) when emergency braking triggers, and times when the car itself decides to take evasive measures and sharply avoids a radar ghost, injuring/killing everyone in the vicinity.

Youtube has 'one or two' videos of such happenings if you care to look.

I'd like to see the tech properly done and safely deployed, but for now I have to be worried that a gnat landing on a sensor may be taken as a truck blocking the lane, and the same sensors fail to see me on my bike. Knowing the tech would stop cars pulling out in front of me is great - but during these early stages too many people trust it to replace their attention, and people are dying as a result.

Not wanting to die because of someone else's screw up does not make me a luddite. Understanding the issues the tech faces and knowing they've not overcome enough of those problems does not put me in the same camp as the FES (a few of whom seem rather intelligent in other fields....)

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