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"OpenAI acknowledged there are various biases in GPT-2, such as its tendency to associate men as criminals or God with Christianity"

If they indeed consider this bias to be problematic (as they seem to), this reveals more about the bias of the researchers than that it reveals that AI picks up on established notions.

My fear is that they will try to 'fix' the bias they found and replace it with their own bias. Of course, they would consider their own bias to be objective truth.

This kind of redefining basic concepts can be exceedingly dangerous to a free society. For example, freedom of religion is, by definition, limited to those who adhere to a religion. However, some progressive groups are imposing their own revised views on what constitutes a 'true' believer. "Religion XYZ should, ideally, be like [fill in the blank]." Often this does not take into account what the religion's scriptures teach, but this does not bother them in the least. The irony is that a fundamentalist believer (i.e. one who adheres to the orthodox views of their faith) would not qualify as an adherent to the particular faith in question.

The next logical step is to conclude that such a believer is not truly a believer and thus cannot claim protection under the religious freedom statutes.

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