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Does not fry the users lap?

I've rarely seen a laptop on a lap. However most fry themselves due to bottom vents instead of edge vents if sat on a cushion, quilt, blanket, chair, settee etc. My ancient Dell i8200 had only side vents. Every netbook I've ever had could only be used on a tray or desk or would quickly overheat.

My recent Lenovo E460 can only be used on a hard surface. The stupidity of thin and ultra thin. I put a slim box under the screen end to tilt the keyboard to a better angle.

Appearance on all electronics products seems to be more important than ergonomics. A wedge with inlet, outlet and removable battery at the rear would make more sense. I was appalled to discover the E460 was the first laptop in the family with "built in" battery and no rear connectors. So as to have "thin".

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