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who rear-ended the highly visible tow truck was also not paying proper attention to the road and surroundings.

Likewise the muppet who ran into a Police Range Rover parked in the emergency lane at the top of a motorway slip road (there had been a crash in the slip lane which had resulted in a queue - muppet decided that he'd circumvent the queue by zooming up the emergency lane and failed to notice the police range rover [with all the disco lights running] at the end of the slip lane..)

His car got gone over with a fine tooth comb post crash and the laundry list of offences was fairly long. Including driving without tax and insurance, driving while his licence was suspended and a whole slew of Construction and Use failures..

I vaguely recall that he did time for the crash because it was such a blatant failure, especially when added to all the other charges.

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