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I've been in a car crash

Likewise (in fact a few in the 35+ years of having a full licence, none of which have been over 20mph) - one of which wasn't actually my fault..

(Saw that there appeared to be a large number of stopped cars in front of me, put the brakes on to no effect and slid gracefully into the back of an existing pileup. A diesel tanker coming out of a petrol station had managed to leave a big slick all along the (wet) main road and, it being a very grey winters day, said slick wasn't very visible. Resulted in the writeoff of my then car (Peugeot 309) because the car behind me hit us at an angle and twisted the sub-frame. She also tried to claim that she had stopped in time and that we had "bounced back into her". Given that physics doesn't work that way, the whole thing was resolved to be a 50:50 accident. There were 20+ cars involved - presumably the first car tried to stop and their tyres only started to bite once they hit clean tarmac and then the following cars added to the pileup.)

I've had a couple of bike crashes too - none of which involved anyone else and all were at low speed on slippery surfaces (the last one involved black ice).

I can remember the events of all of them.

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