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It just isn't good enough at understanding what is going on around it. While I will not get a Tesla with autopilot, I do look forward to autonomous vehicles which do have the required level of perception (sensors and analysis) to cope with hazards properly.

As a motorcyclist I have to agree!

One thing Tesla seems to be missing (unless it's dead tech?). Years back radar systems from overseas had a "SWS" mode which IIRC stood for "Safety Warning System". I was told that overseas emergency vehicles transmitted a signal when their lights and/or sirens were active, and the radar detectors would pick this up and use it to alert the drivers (I don't believe it was ever deployed in NZ).

If this still exists and is in use over there, surely Tesla could incorporate it into their cars to at least give them a chance of not running into such vehicles? (Although knowing Tesla, it'd probably see it as a target to be rammed). And if it has gone out of favour, or never existed, perhaps it could be re-introduced?

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