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Re: Are people really getting triggered by this?

This is hilarious to see what the world has become, over hyper sesntive idiots who now get offended for other people. Might as well call it the #000List and the #FFFList

Sir, your statement is highly offensive! You should know that the "0" kinda is visually similar to ladie's private parts, and the "F" obviously represents a four-letter word. You cannot claim innocence, you must have known that before you posted and thus were deliberately trying to be offensive!

"Blocklist" and "Allowlist" are also out as they indicate some level of privilege. Obviously these words are being promoted by elitist privileged older white males to remind every one else of their place in society!

The only acceptable terms henceforth shall be "List" and "List". And don't you DARE try to come up with a way to differentiate between the two, as that would be DISCRIMINATION!!!!!!!!!!!

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