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You seem to have taken a strict definition of what you (and some others feel) is a requirement of AI.

However the term is not Copyright or IP of any person or entity. It is a generic term that has been used to define many forms of simulated intelligence, from narrow machine learning to to broader pattern matching and simulated neural networks.

There is nothing stopping a term being appropriated to describe something in contemporary terms. I mean a data bus isn't a bus at all its a small piece of conductive substance that allows electrical signals to pass over it. A hacker is now often seen as a person who uses illegal methods to break into a another person's processor based equipment. Decimated often means reducing by a amount much greater than the normal, rather than just 1 in 10.

AI is now used in different ways and you know even the classical term doesn't have to involve intelligence from vast databases of texts. Normal intelligence doesn't require being able to read, write and study texts. It requires the ability to learn and react in a logical way to situations that occur - hence animals can have intelligence. So there would be no requirement for artificial intelligence to require texts to parse.

By piping up in random forums when stating something is not AI so that you can then state about the patents and non parsing of text does not provide any significance to that post, I would suggest.

Sorry for you troubles with the CIA though, bloody bureaucrats eh?

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