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Re: Then give that m$ engineer a Nobel Prize for saving the world

Okay, in his position, what would you do?

Leave the code as it is, go out side, find someone in my community who has a real need, fix that need as best I can (or help them find/fund someone who can do it better).

How many people today get offended by terms that yesterday they did not know exist, and last Monday were considered non-offensive and perhaps even the best term available?

People get told that a term they've found OK is supposed to be offensive, and they get told their friends/loved ones should know better and must be deliberately insulting them when the loved ones are using the best language they know how and only speaking with the best intentions. The PC victim then goes from believing their loved ones are doing them right to believing their loved ones dislike or at least disrespect them, and instead of being kind are being abusive. That leads to a great deal of pain and anger.

All because some vile piece of PC scum decided they should get their name in the paper by making out a perfectly accurate and acceptable term should be offensive and everyone should have already known that from time immemorial.

If there is any one in this world who should suffer an agonising and slow death, it is the proponents of PC (not the ones intending to be doing stuff from the best intentions but the ones sticking their nose in and stirring things up for their own motives).

PS if you respond with a contrary point, you will be acting in an unfair and offensive manner as you may show me an error in my thinking and thus damage my belief that I am always right - in doing so damaging my fragile self-esteem and proving you are just as bad as the most racist person out there. To respond contrary to what I said is to risk offending, insulting or just plain hurting me, and in this PC world you are not allowed to correct any wrong thinking I may have!


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