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" But why does Tesla's keep hitting a fairly routine obstruction?"

Maybe, just maybe, it is only Teslas that get reported in global news when they hit something and actually other car brands also hit things just as often, or maybe more often, without reliable stats it is not possible to tell.

Tesla are well known for not using LIDAR.

Using RADAR can determine that there may be something in the patch but it depends on a number of factors, however you can't brake for every obstacle because most of the time they aren't actually obstacles, they are radar reflections. This is a problem common to all cars. They work when they detect a slowing object but sometimes don't work so well with a sudden stationery object.

My car, non-Tesla, with a multi-sensor pack did not detect someone pulling out in front of me from a side turn, but regularly brakes for a car turning off in the lane next to me, if I'm on a corner.

So you have to use the cameras and AI to know what it is seeing in front of it is actually something that needs to brake for. Humans are pretty good at object recognition, AI and Machine Learning, are better in some cases but much worse overall in every case.

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