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Same as well for Asian - among people from Turkey, India or China (just to name three...) it looks to me there are big ethnic differences - and all of them are "Asian". Strange anyway there's no term for people from Oceania...

And, BTW, why African-American and not Asian-American, European-American and so on??

The real problem is how much US people are fixated with "races" and have to classify people by that in their narrow-view world.

There should be only one need to identify people by the color of their skin and that's when you have to search someone (a suspect, a lost one, etc.) - when every detail which helps to narrow down the search could be useful - skin color, hair color and style, height, weight, etc. - in this case the simplest, non-ambiguous term is the better.

In any other situation, those attributes should be utterly irrelevant.

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