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Not sure that would work. It seems that buying a Tesla has a serious impact on the IQ of the buyer.

Beat me to it. If they're buying a Tesla they've already failed the IQ test.

This guy said his eyes were on the road and he wasn't sleeping, meaning that he saw the car going straight for the fire truck and did nothing about it.

So his IQ is at stupid moron level now, but it could have been perfectly acceptable before purchase since he was capable of making the money required for said purchase.

Not necessarily. I've seen a bit of YT footage of people testing the "auto pilot" and in urban environments the things have been seen to want to suddenly do strange things.

We generally have a reaction time of 1-2 seconds. Ever been in a car when the driver has an incident, or following one? It takes a moment to realise what's going on, especially when you expect them to safely go past the parked truck not veer into it.

I don't mean to defend the guy, but I can see that if he was in a state where he wasn't fully focused or was expecting the car to continue on a steady path, well, at highway speeds you cover a LOT of ground in a second. Of course, if he'd been in control - well I believe there are reports of Tesla's taking some form of 'evasive action' when not needed and swerving into other things, even when not in AP mode and being directly controlled by the driver. ICBW of course.

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