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Re: Because most Tesla drivers are not pilots.

Then he would also think that an automobile does exactely what it says: Moving on its own. Bu tthat's not the case, is it.

30 years ago I was a kid working on various farms.

On all of them we had tractors that had a hand-operated throttle. Said throttle could be set to a low speed, with the tractor in a low gear, and you could let it toddle off on it's own while you walked beside it doing things (eg feeding out hay to the animals). That's how we used to do it commonly, only of us out with several tons of machine keeping an eye for direction while feeding stuff. If we needed to adjust, well it was moving slower than walking pace.

I also helped move a mob of cattle through the Taranaki back country. Mitsubishi L200 ute. Had a throttle control much like a choke knob on older cars, but this was again set to keep the engine at a very high 'idle' so it could be put into gear and move at a walking pace without needing driver interaction - ie we had it keeping pace with us but we only interacted with it when we were needing to go around a corner or straighten it up some (it'd find it's own centre on the hump of the road easily enough - single lane roads and in the country, well this sort of thing is normal so no worries with other road users)

So yes, there have been 'auto mobiles' that can move under their own without driver interaction. In fact I cannot think of any car that, on a flat in low gear, wouldn't be able to move without someone in the wheel especially if the idle was high or you'd sat a toolbox on the gas pedal. They are quite capable of moving by themselves - look at all the footage of people who've left automatic's idling and they've slipped into reverse and started doing backwards circles in a parking lot.

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