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@Mark 85: "emergency lights on are quite visible from a distance"

You'd like to think so, ... but a few months ago, there was a minor fender bender outside my office. The road has a bunch of mini-roundabouts on it, instead of regular junctions, and this catches some people out, as they fail to give way when they should. This was just one such occasion, where a car turning right off the main road had priority over the oncoming vehicle and that should have stopped, but didn't, and they had a collision. Anyway, nobody was hurt, the Police directed traffic, and tow trucks arrived. I went to lunch, and when I came back, instead of two slightly bent cars and two tow trucks, there were now also several Police cars, a fire engine, and two ambulances. WTF? I thought, anyway, the Police eventually came in to see us (they'd been on their way to us in the first place, as we house the City CCTV control hub) and they said that while they were tidying up from the first crash, someone had come zooming down the road, totally not noticed the massive tow truck covered with flashing lights, rear ended it, and this time, got hurt.

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