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We cannot tolerate discriminatory terminology at all.

You should look into the automotive industry (and engineering as well) - things like <grease> nipple, nut, bolt, screw, shaft - all supposed to go. You know how some cars have an extra wheel with a (hopefully) properly inflated tyre attached in case of punctures? Well you cannot call that the "spare tyre" as that could be considered insulting to us fatties.

Don't forget knobs of course...

Gas - potentially offensive/mocking to IBS sufferers.

Lights - obvious reference to skin colour and thus white elitism.

I'll leave the good people of El Reg to come up with many more - perhaps from real life perhaps imagined (all above Gas in my post has been experienced or read (in the press) by me)

icon - still need a "despairing for humanity" one - closes we have :(

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