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We need to solve this once and for all

The best and the surest way to resolve this recurring controversy is quite clear to me: we must remove all extraneous nouns, verbs and adjectives from all source code and all messages communicated to the users. After all, essentially any word, or a word which is spelled almost the same, or a word which sounds almost the same, or a pictogram which looks kind of similar after folding the printout of the source into an exquisite origami chrysanthemum will be offensive to someone somewhere in some of the languages we speak.

From now on, we shall refer to all functions, methods, and variables by their decimal ordinal numbers. If the computer language specification requires so, then until the specification can be corrected it shall be permissible to insert a single letter at the beginning of the designator. To avoid giving offense, that letter shall be same for all source files within a project tree. Numbers 4, 9, 13, 17, 39, 666, as well as all other numbers deemed offensive by the Supreme Peoples' Denumeration Triumvirate shall not be used and shall be retroactively removed from all sources.

That ought to take care of most of the problem.

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