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Re: Alt Right is PC for Rascist, lets call them racist to be clear

From my point of view, libertarianism is one of the dumbest things to come about in recent years.

You prefer authoritairianism? Isn't that.. a bit facist?

The fact that you don't understand climate change puts you quite squarely in the demographic for all the above.

Oh, I suspect I understand it a whole lot better than you do.. But then we're not really supposed to understand it, just accept it, and all the social & political changes that come packaged with it.. And of course if you dare challenge or question it, the useful idiots will try to shout you down. A bit like Obama, who once used the '97%' meme without understanding where that came from.

Also, "this generation's take on McCarthyism"? Really? That shows you didn't live through that particular time period.

Neither did most of the useful idiots using identical tactics to denounce and deplatform their political opponents. Even dusting off some of the original material, ie it was Russia's fault Clinton didn't win, not problems with the Democrat's chosen candidate. Come 2020, it'll be different! Biden's the perfect candidate to represent those ordinary Americans.

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