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YouTube's radicalizing Alt-right trolls and Facebook's recruiting new language boffins

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I'm not really sure that we can really point the finger at YouTube too much here.

Think about it this way - take a video - any video, on any topic. For the purposes of discussion, lets use... an introduction to cross-stiching.

Now, we need to come up with suggestions for other videos a viewer of this video will watch.

We end up with a pool of similar videos, some "a little lighter" and some "a bit more intense".

User quite likes this topic, so eventually, they'll end up clicking on that "Advanced cross-stiching tips and tricks" video.

Now, we present similar videos to this one... again, some a little lighter, and some a bit more intense. Eventually, they'll click on the link to "cross stitching tricks to impress your friends" - now we're getting somewhere. This is a bit heavier, and the suggested videos are all from a "darker" suggestion pool than the first.

Now, not all viewers will reach that level, and will take different times to get there, but you can follow a chain to reach the more "edgy" content.

Trying to stop this would be actively preventing people from finding certain viewpoints, which would be censorship - probably not where we want to go.

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