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"It is possible to understand why the Euro is basically shit"..."and still be wrong about Brexit"

Yes- 'past performance is not an indicator of future outcomes'. Yet when looking to the future we sometimes have limited information beyond past performance to base our views on.

For example, my experience as a eurosceptic (during the Euro argument) was a very similar set of arguments as now and the facts beat belief. The Euro supporters rejecting most discussion in favour of simple unthinking labels such as 'racist' and eventually eurosceptic but usually unwilling (probably unable) to discuss the topic.

So its possible to be wrong about EU membership even if right about the Euro. My decision to oppose the Euro was based on fact. I choose to apply that method to our membership of the EU and will see if I am right or wrong.

I will point out that it hasnt happened often but I have had a couple of good discussions based in fact and yet still come to differing conclusions based on those facts (specifically Dr Syntax and Roland6).

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