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The effect is that people are nervous/not candid with me in day-to-day life for fear of causing offence.

I have seen and heard this so often, especially from those in your position (or 'ethnic minorities', those of us who 'don't swing the right way' etc etc).

PC scumbags shove their noses in, try to impose their will on others, make people afraid to talk in any sort of open way with other people, and in the end make life much harder for those they're claiming to protect.

I've seen nurses driven away from caring for a patient when they were speaking quite candidly with the patient and the visitors took exception to the nurse using "offensive" terms. So the patient had to wait till the visitors were gone before certain needs could be met.

PC people are among the worst I've ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

May your life be filled with people who don't pull punches, who use whatever words work best, and may your situation be mitigated if not treated. Be met with people who challenge you to push yourself to work around your limitations and put them to shame!

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