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I think you need to understand the difference between being a moronic git and free speech.

You've displayed the former.

If you lack the capacity for civil discourse and don't wish to engage in civil discourse, you're engaging in 'free speech', you're being a dickhead.

Now, sometimes people don't like what others say. That can be because they're challenging their dickheaded belief that what they do is okay, like slave owners and those who sexually assault other people. They though that those who protected others from dickheads were offensive.

Really, they weren't. They were challenging dickheads.

Some dickheads don't like being challenged and get all "Oh, I'm going keep saying what I'm saying. You can't stop me blah blah". Pretty much channelling their inner 3 year old.

So, you can keep being a dickhead, but you're no advocate of free speech when you do. Just a dickhead.

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