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The main problems

continue to be recharge time and power availability. Until an EV can drive into a recharger on sparks (ICE version of driving on fumes) then leave 10 minutes later with a 100 percent charge, they just aren't practical. Forgetting to plug in the night before means you're stranded for the day, forgetting to fill the gas tank the day before means you're 10 minutes late to wherever you were going.

Then there's the whole power generation problem. That power has to come from SOMEWHERE, and I don't know of a single nation on the planet that has enough excess generation capacity, or transmission capacity for that matter, to just swap their entire fleet from ICEV to EV. Maybe one of the island nations with 10 cars and 5 miles of road can, but those nations are already just using golf carts. There still needs to be a lot of development in the infrastructure and the tech before this will be ready, and I speak as one who would switch in a minute if I could. I like to drag race, and the acceleration of an EV is very exciting to me. Waiting 8 hours for a "full tank of gas" on the other hand is not.

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