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It is only right that we should be nice to each other, and not use abusive/derogatory language, but, unfortunately, what started off as a perfectly reasonable and decent idea gradually turned into a cottage industry for the "professionally offended".

All too often, it now seems to be the case that no sooner have we managed to get most of civilised society to agree on a preferred polite term, than a professional member of the professionally offended decides to come along and dictate a new term, having found some reason to dislike the previous (and until then, inoffensive) term.

I often find it hard to believe that there is genuinely much useful further progress going on there (surely the fact that decent people no longer use gratuitously offensive terms is a good thing?) and that there's really rather too much ego masturbation for the professional offendee involved, than anything else.

(Take "BAME" for example: why is this currently considered more "woke" than "BEM", and what is supposedly wrong with just "ethnic minority" in any case, is there really a genuine and justifiable reason for black people being highlighted more than any other ethnic group there? It almost seems racist in itself, reducing people of other ethnic backgrounds to an implied second class status?)

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