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Why would you "encourage...prolonged violent retribution" for someone using a term a lot of Pakistani's don't find offensive/racist and themselves use to refer to their heritage?

The missing words there are critical "the expectation of prosecution", We as a nation decided that racist bullshit was bullshit. Prior to this, an entire social-economic grouping (note, not a racial grouping)

The missing though from your statements is "People from Pakistan use 'Paki' to identify themselves, publicly, and expect others to do the same, so I should not take it on myself to tell them how to live".

YOU are talking as if the Pakistani people are inferior, not capable of making their own choice of what term they wish to use as a shortened form of their name. YOU, not those of us trying to educate you about what it's like.

[Battle of cable street] So you're proud of a bunch of thugs going out to violently oppose others expressing their views, disgusting as those views might be? That's your claim to authority - someone in the past used violence to silence other's free speech? You must really love those who went out to the gay marches here in NZ back in the 80s, and made sure we knew just how hated we should be. You certainly are proud of having the same nature as those violently opposed to "gay rights".

The rest of your post is just more promoting violence against Pakistani's for using a term that describes their heritage, a term they themselves use proudly.

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