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Deryk Barker

Why I only use LibreOffice and linux

Having used linux exclusively for over a quarter of a century I only have to **** with Office very occasionally.

Recently, for my bowls club, I've had to fight with Office on Windows 10.

Good grief! Do people *really* think this is the way to go.

Two quick examples: I wanted to make a copy of a spreadsheet I had open: try File->Save As and I'm suddenly looking at a screen full of "Places" and no idea where the copy might end up.

Second: I wanted to open last year's spreadsheet, which has the same name but is in a different folder. Nope, Excel refuses point blank to do that.

LibreOffice, OTOH, simply has the window title of the second sheet say "Filename <2>".

I wonder just how many billion person hours have been wasted by people trying to work around MS's stupidity?

Oh and that's leaving aside the time that, in mid-tournament, just as we were about to enter scores, Windows decided to update itself and we could do nothing else. Whenever my linux system (well, one of the dozen or so) needs updating I start that then carry on with whatever I was doing. Has never failed

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