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"A new Tesla Model 3 battery will last about 400,000 miles after which it can and will be used as power storage"

The battery may go that far. That's yet to be seen, but the car may not. You are talking about 20 something years with a US average miles/year driven. I expect UK drivers aren't going as far since it's more expensive for petrol and there is much better public transportation. Does anybody expect the LCD glued to the dash of the Model 3 is going to last 10-15 years of thermal cycling in a car and being sat in direct sun for hours at a time. Forget the cost of replacing the battery, that LCD plus the computer behind it is serious coin. You have to hope that there is a retrofittable replacement down the road and that you can get it without a 2-3 month wait since the car is difficult to use without it.

Batteries in EVs don't just die like the old lead acid ones, they fade away. People are going to want a new one when the 60kWh is down to 40kWh. That 40kWh is still a tremendous amount of power and it's expected that EV batteries will see 10 years of stationary backup usage after they come out of a car so there is good resale value. Batteries from wrecked EVs don't last long on the market and fetch good money. People want them for all sorts of projects. Some companies are fitting them inside cargo containers for backup systems already. I've seen a few places selling interface kits for certain brands of EV batteries.

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