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Even then, the more democratic way of approaching it would be for a political party to put it in their manifesto that this is what they plan to do. If people like that (and their other policies), then they get voted in and get to pass a law enacting it.

If any political party had stood in the 2015 election on a manifesto of leaving the European Union, and people desperately wanted it, to the exclusion of all other normal politics, they would have got elected as a majority government.

As it turns out there was a party with that as their main policy, and they got no seats, that's zero, nada, nothing, zilch*. The chief weasel of that party has since set up another "party" which is in fact a private limited company that takes donations but doesn't offer membership, and not a political party at all, in order to try and con the public into funding his lifestyle some more.

*There is the argument that if we had a decent form of PR in this country, rather than FPTP, they would have got some seats. I donlt see this as a bad thing, as being thrust into the daylight is probably what this group of far-right fanatics needs in order for most people to recognise them for the useless buch of so-and-sos that they are.

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