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It can get crazier than that. A few years back I was an owner at a company that provided services to the US Department of Energy. When the "Buy America" stick was started we were asked by the US gov to set up a wholly owned subsidiary in the glorious USA. We did. So now we had a US registered company but no employees and no facilities. So the logical thing to do was to fly to Chicago, lease an office and hire some US citizens to work there.

I am fish-belly white, born in Canada, english speaking, have both Canadian and US security clearances, had a business, house and family in Canada which should indicate stability, and in any case I am in the 1%. As the final icing on the cake I had the hard copy of the letter from the DOE asking us to set up a business in Chicago and the resumes of the US citizens I was going to hire.

I was denied entry. The reason: "I believe the purpose of your trip is to try to take jobs away from americans. Why did your company not send an american on this trip?"

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