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Because we are all skint frankly and stuck in zero hours contracts with fire at will policies, backed up by a "welfare" system that would bar any support in retaliation.

There's also the matter that likely up to half the country will swallow this to get Brexit - ends justifying the means in their eyes.

People are also wary of who is pushing this, for fear of giving credence to a movement they don't agree with / creating another XR monster that runs out of control (even to those directly involved).

Plus for many whats the alternative to Johnson - Corbyn? Many don't want to go back to one state electricty supplier, they don't want ID cards shoved down their necks again

Swinson - So Tory-lite - Voted for Universal Credit, PIP and every single coalition cut no matter how severe or unreasonable and downright harmful to society

The opposition are nowhere near unified enough yet, and all think they can do this on their own.

If they were serious, they would agree a caretaker government comprised of Corbyn as prime minister, Swinson and Ian Blackford as joint deputy PM, Grieve as attorney general and only for as long as necessary to sort this stramash out properly....

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