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We haven't been a "free" country ever - from the poor being tortured by the state even when victims or witnesses to crime as "they can't ne truthful" to Peterloo, to ever expanding laws governing what we can say, do, read, listen to (listening to Lord Haw Haw as many did for a laugh in WW2 now would land you in jail given the "look at what we deem 'terrorist propaganda' even just once and its a serious criminal matter") and eat / drink.

And its all done under the banner of "safety, security, child protection, anti terrorism, climate emergency" etc

I wholly disagree with Johnson proroguing parliament though, no better than Stephen Harper in Canada, who prorogued Parliament no less than THREE times to avoid no confidence votes.....and acted like said votes were illegitimate and undemocratic, I was wholly surprised he voluntarily stood down tbh...

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