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Hmm. I am not an expert on Insurance so I have no knowledge of thsi but in my industry EU regulation was a huge improevemnt leading to less beaurocracy than YK regulation and is massively superior to teh ridiculous bysantine and illogical US system. I therefore used google to look up acadmeic papers on Solvency II and although theer are critical papers the consensus to the extent it exists is that Solvency II is a huge improvement,

As I said I don't know enough to judge but it does not seem like thsi is such a strong argument for leaving after all.

In anycase I suspect will b ejust like my industry in which leaving the EU will not mean we are not subjct to EU rules. We like almost everyone in the world will need to comply with EU rules in order to trade with the EU an dthe many countries who use EU rules and suppliers will be unwilling to meet UK specific requirments. What it will mean is we will be subject to the same regulations but without any say in what those regulations are. A massive reduction in sovereignty.

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