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I see the Petrolheads are out in force today.

It seems that any post supporting EV's is downvoted almost into oblivion.

I'm a petrolhead and I love EVs, not as much as I love V8s, but I do love them. I will have one at some point. They've basically ecotard proofed one of my favourite hobbies. And, ludicrous as this will sound given that we now have something like 250 years worth of oil on line thanks to tech and prices, if the oil was to run low, EVs mean we have somewhere to go for rapid transport.

Oh, and even on long trips, my running costs are 4-6p/mile. Can you get that out of your dino-guzzler?

You do realise that with the premium price of the EV, you're basically pre-purchasing about 10 years worth of fuel, right? Unfortunately, they don't run on smugness alone.

The tyres on most EV's last longer than on ICE's and because of the regenerative braking (using the electric motor as a generator) I need to hardly use the brakes.

You seem to be overlooking the amount of tyre wear due to cornering. Its not all about acceleration and breaking, though in terms of torque being available immediately in an EV, tyre wear could quite conceivably rise with like for like driving.

Those facts mean that the amount of pollution coming from an EV in normal use is miniscule when compared to ICE cars.

No it doesn't. The pollution used to create the batteries for an EV far far outstrip any CO2 emitted from an ICE in its working life. You're in the hole before you leave the showroom, and that's assuming you run it on pollution free electricity, which no matter what your supplier may tell you, isn't CO2 free. All you do buy insisting on it, is defray your pollution onto the rest of us because there's not enough "green" energy to go around.

Have an EV, love your EV, by all means. Just lose the smugness, because that's borne mostly of ignorance than facts. And I speak as an EV loving petrolhead.

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