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EV's are a great idea but they are also not as convenient or efficient as people think...

It would cost me in my larger (and way more comfortable) than a Nissan Leaf gas guzzler about 11-12p/Mile, and please consider that over half that cost to me is tax you will eventually need to pay when more cars are EV's

I would like an EV, but I worked out it would take me around 300k miles to recoup the costs of switching cars not including running costs and that is only if I switch to a cheap EV like the leaf (assuming costs remained the same), and considering I have only done 30k miles in 6 years that is 60 years of driving!

Sure I will probably go EV when I change my car, but until they reach price parity in terms of luxury versions I will not change ,not because I don't worry about the environment, but because I can't afford to change.

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