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"For a year now they've voted down every single option, often several times."

Effectively May's deal voted down three times, After Dominic Grieve's amendment giving Parliament a vote passed on 13th December 2017. As a consequence, the First Meaningful vote on May's deal was scheduled for 11th December 2018 before being delayed until 15th January 2019. It was voted down. The Second Meaningful vote was on the 12th March 2019. It was voted down. The "No Deal" (Spelman) Bill passed on the 13th March 2019. On the same day the Malthouse Compromise was voted down by the Speaker's casting vote. We had the A50 Extension vote on the 14th March, followed by the Beckett and Letwin Amendments on the 25th March. On the 27th March we had the first round of Indicative Votes, one of which - The Customs Union proposed by Ken Clarke - was defeated by a mere 6 votes. Then the Third Meaningful vote on the 29th March at which May's deal was rejected for a third time. The second round of Indicative Votes occured on the 1st April, at which the Custom Union proposal fell short by only 3 votes. The third round of indicative votes were scuppered when the Cooper-Letwin Bill was defeated by a single vote on the 3rd April.

And that's it. Three votes on May's deal in two and a half months (15th Jan - 29th March), and 2 rounds of indicative votes in a week (27th March - 1st April). So you're wrong, Parliament hasn't voted every option down for a year. In the space of 3 months they voted May's option down three times, and were given only two opportunities to try and find a consensus that could command a majority.

That's not a failure of Parliament, that's a failure of the Conservative government to find a deal acceptable to Parliament or to amend the deal in light of its first defeat. You can't complain about Parliament failing to achieve in 2 days what the Government had failed to achieve in 2 years.

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