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Excellent. So to summarise your argument, we can have a second ref, and if turns out 52/48 remain, we only have to wait two further years then it’s time for third ref because “people change their minds”.

I'm all for that, simply because the next time the quitters want out they'll have to be a lot more up-front with what 'leave' actually means before it goes on the ballot paper. Cue another 40-years of arguing amongst themselves about what brexit actually means. I'm perfectly happy with that, if they can come up with a logical, consistent, detailed plan for how to leave, before having that referendum, and convince people to vote for it. None of this promising all things to all men bollocks.

Either thay'll take so long to agree, that I'll be well in my grave by then, or they'll agree on something that only a tiny minory of the population will actually want, and we can finally put all this nonsense to bed, and go back to trying to be a functioning democracy.

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