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The representatives in "representative democracy" didn't, and haven't.

There's a pretty clear reason we elect representatives, and that is so that they can work full time to properly understand the issues and weigh up what is best for the country, their constituents, and their party, supposedly in that order. "Direct democracy", otherwise known as mob rule, doesn't work, which is why referendums have no more legal standing than opinion polls, which is essentially what they are. it is also why they are not permitted in countries which have previously been screwed over by their misapplication (see also: German politics in the 1930s)

No country runs by mob rule, it only ever worked in societies that were small enough so that everyone knows everyone else, such as ancient city states. If you're advocating that, then you either don't understand what you are saying, or are wilfully misrepresenting the nature of modern democracy through snidey glib comments on internet forums. I suspect the latter.

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