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The suspension is only this long because of the party conferences. So it's not only technically true, it's a ctually true. One tactic remain MPs like Grieve were playing with was voting to not break for conferences. They can still do that, if they can get the votes. So obviously what he's doing is taking four days off his opponents. There have been enough procedural shenanigans on both sides that I don't think this is that bad.

To be honest I'm losing patience with MPs. They need to make a decision. For a year now they've voted down every single option, often several times. We have to choose something. So they still have plenty of time to vote out the government. I'm sure the speaker will let them vote, they've already taken control of business once. Stephen Kinnock has 30 Labour MPs who now want to vote for May's withdrawal agreement. Either if Johnson can get it amended or against his will. But just saying they don't want no deal is no longer credible.

In the end, the government has the power Parliament lets it have. If they don't like it, change it. Or change the PM.

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