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Not all business is multinational corporations.....

Airbus and BMW are correct that Brexit will harm their business, just as it will harm Amazons business to lose their cross-border tax avoidance scam when competing with small UK booksellers.

But small independent booksellers and small business generally, would benefit massively from the protectionism afforded by Brexit. And they don’t get interviewed in the FT, nor pay to lobby Parliament.

To see the damage inflicted on small UK businesses by membership of the EU every day, have a look at the UK Assay Offices. They are (relatively) small, and their business has been utterly devastated, down by 80%, by the (illegal) actions of Amsterdam, which while fully acknowledged to be illegal, the ECJ has somehow failed to come to *any* judgement in fifteen years....

You can be on either side of the protectionist / globalist argument, but listening only to the pay-to-play multinationals would be bonkers

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