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Whilst I am sure the things you state are technically accurate (hence, the exact same arguments are currently being used by a number of BoJo's entourage), they are rather disingenuous.

Yes suspending parliament and the Queen's Speech etc, are all normal, it's odd (1). having such a long suspension... recent suspensions have only lasted 7 days (~~ +/-3 days) ish, and (2). this is occurring right at the same time when the country will, without any parliamentary involvement, drop out of the EU causing unprecedented economic upheaval (even if we are to believe this is a short-term bump in the road, it's still a big deal).

This suspension is being done on purpose, and even if you are pro-brexit, and *even* if you are pro-nodeal-brexit, you *should* still question anyone who would suggest that what is happening is normal. It really isn't. And people who suggest otherwise* are absolutely doing to in order to mislead.

* Just to be clear, I'm not having a go at you! But you do seem to be repeating what various people have been saying on TV today... I've had members of my own family repeating to same as well.

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