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Weakly Interacting Massive Particle? Not very intuitive.

Remember Ford Sierra (means "saw" in Spanish)? Fortunately few people who visited Spain from the UK ever bothered to learn the language.

Rolls Royce missed an own goal in Germany by not launching the Silver Mist there.

(Daimler people say it's "Bayerische MistWagen" - Bavarian dungcart).

FIAT did the same by not launching the Ritmo in the UK as the "Rhythm" due to the association of Italians with Catholics and Catholics with an unreliable means of contraception.

tl;dr a name change isn't a bad idea. But I don't feel that Glimpse is the answer. Go the whole hog, call it FRUIT (Fotoshop* Replacement, User Interface Terrible.)

*Because Photoshop is a registered trade mark,so can't be used.

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